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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Gift for Obama: Bringing the Whites Back to Power in South Africa

by Avigdor Eskin,

The British ‘Guardian’ has recently published some documents proving most close relations between Israel and South Africa from the early 1970s until 1994 when the black regime came to power. This publication has been the response of the international community to Israeli attempts to topple confidence to the well-known ‘Goldstone Report’. This former South African Judge has managed to come to the most politically incorrect solutions at the dawn of his career, when the separate development system – apartheid - was still existent. A squall of Goldstone’s pieces of trickery has started from the Israeli press. As result, Polakow – Suransky’s book that appeared within approximately a month after, has turned into Europeans’ ‘behind-the-scenes’ reply to this step. The book concentrates on Israeli – South African alliance.   Lees verder...

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  1. Enige white power wat sulke volksvreemde belange dien is Afrikaner Republikeine se aartsvyand.